Os 5 livritos da rebelde

Perguntou-me o Mário, do A Voz Portalegrense, (a quem ainda tenho a agradecer esta simpatia),, pelos ”meus 5 livros do momento”; ora cá vão:

I – ”The Infinite and the Final Cause of Creation”,

outlines of a philosophical argument, by Emanuel Swedenborg – translated from the latin.

Man, as we all know well, was created do enjoy the delights of the world, and to possess the earth for himself and his posterity. Wisdom and reason were given him, to venerate and worship the infinite Deity, that he might better make use of wordly delights, and havve a finer or more delicious sense of them, to lead him to associate them with heavenly: also carry the world to a new perfection, which it could not attain without a material being and human means; lastly to commence a life and existence which should thenceforth be eternal and immortal, that he might increase the number of the angels. And that man might accomplish these ends, a body was given to him, with a brain therein, and this brain endowed with senses, and the senses with a soul.

The most extraordinary man – if we admit such superlatives – was that mysterious subject of Charles XII, Emanuel Swedenborg’ – Jorge Luis Borges

II – The Nag Hammadi Library – The definitive new translation – James M. Robinson – General Editor

III – De Weg naar Wijsheid – raadgevingen uit de Epistulae Morales, uma selecção das Epístolas Morais de Séneca

As palavras semeiam-se como as sementes. Embora pequenas, florescem e frutificam, se apreendidas por um espírito fértil. As lições e as sementes assemelham-se: são pequenas, mas originam grandes coisas.

(Minha tradução livre)

IV – The Letters of Virginia Woolf – volume III

We…so missed you – but I intend to miss you, in order that you may go on writing letters. Suppose we live in London till we’re 80, never meet, but correspond: what an interesting situation, and we might meet once, very, very old….

Delicious english, but not my cup of tea, – portanto agora que aqui o disse, decidi pô-lo de parte. Bem, já não apetecia, mas sentia-me na obrigação de continuar…

Foi substituído por What is this Thing Called Science? pelo A.F. Chalmers (formado em Física e Prof. de Filosofia da Ciência)

V – Sky Phenomena – A guide to naked eye observation of the sky, by Norman Davidson

Devotion! Daughter of Astronomy,
An undevout Astronomer is mad. –

From Night Thoughts by Edward Young

Agora imagine-se só a quantidade de ”loucos” que temos a ensinar-nos os segredos do Universo…? 🙂

Ou esta:

When I heard the learn’d astronomer,
When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns,
before me,
When I was shown the charts and diagrams, to add,
divide, and measure them,
When I sitting heard the astronomer where he lectured
with much applause in the lecture room,
How soon unaccountable I became tired and sick,
Till rising and gliding out I wander’d off by myself,
In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time,
Look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.

by Walt Whitman




Jovens e Livros

Jovens e Livros


Humor impecável.

PARTO NATURAL: Dar à luz segundo uma outra ciência

photo of baby. They are all pics of babies...

Para ler mais sobre como ter um parto muito melhor, para si, para a sua criança e para a vossa futura relação, por favor clique na página: ”Maternidade.

Para ler o lindo livro que todas as mães deveriam ler, ‘‘Nascimento sem Violência”, do pioneiro, ginecologista francês, Frederic Leboyer, por favor clique na página: ”Maternidade.

Para encontrar muito mais informação, ligações, sites sobre o nascimento e maternidade, e contactos reais, por favor consulte o tema ”Maternidade”, na lista de ligações, na barra lateral deste blog, e os tag Maternidade e Parto.

Emanuel Swedenborg – Ligações e info

In its inmost elements, the human form from its creation is a form of love and wisdom. All the human affections of love in a person and so all his perceptions of wisdom are arranged in a most perfect order, so that together they form a harmonious and thus united whole.

– Emanuel Swedenborg

Swedenborgiana Links




· Sigstedt, Cyriel Sigrid (Ljungberg Odhner). (1952) The Swedenborg Epic: The Life and Works of Emanuel Swedenborg. Swedenborg Digital Library.

Tafel, R.L. (1875-1877) Documents Concerning the Life and Character of Emanuel Swedenborg. Swedenborg Society. Two volumes, bound as three.

· Synnestvedt, Sig, ed. (1977) The Essential Swedenborg: Basic Religious Teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Swedenborg Foundation.

· James, Leon. Swedenborg Glossary of Theistic Science.

Other Excellent Sources

· Blom-Dahl, Christen . (2001) The Third Source. Swedenborg: A Physical and Metaphysical Revelation.

· Taylor, Eugene. (1997) A Psychology of Spiritual Healing. Chrysalis Books.

· Academy Collection of Swedenborg Documents (ACSD). Swedenborg Library, Bryn Athyn College. All known documents, letters, memorials, etc., relating to the life of Emanuel Swedenborg.

· The Swedenborg Library, Bryn Athyn College. Swedenborg Library Online Catalog. Includes the largest collection of Swedenborgiana in the world.

· The Swedenborg Society (London). Includes the society’s library catalog and publications catalog.

· The New Philosophy Magazine. Swedenborg Scientific Association.

· Swedenborg Foundation.




Recensões de”Spiritual Midwifery”

Porque estes comentários contêem informação, publico-os aqui.

Como a percentagem nos EU de nascimentos por cesariana é de 30%, e eu só posso confirmar isso pela experiência noutros países, onde a percentagem de cesarianas é sempre crescente, porque é ”rápido e prático”… podem assim compreender quais são as tendências médicas e hospitalares, assim como a importância de todo este movimento num sentido oposto. Neste momento, está a tornar-se um movimento, mas quando eu me interessava por isto nos anos 70, era radicalmente ostracizada por isso – mas ainda hoje. Também quando Ina May lutou pelo direito a um nascimento natural, era um acto revolucionário.

Não era uma nova maneira de ganhar mais dinheiro, ou de ganhar reconhecimento social. Muito pelo contrário.

Concordo com a informação que se segue, e direi mais quando completar o post anterior: entretanto, podem ir lendo:

Spiritual Midwifery, Fourth Edition, November 6, 2006

Reviewer: Kathy Ardekani “Kathy Ardekani” (Boothwyn, PA) – See all my reviews

I recommend reading this book to all parents interested in having a natural birth.

Ina May and her husband Stephen began `The Farm’ in the early 1970’s. The birth stories in Spiritual Midwifery come from women’s experiences on The Farm. The Farm statistics include (as of the year 2000) 2028 births of those births 95.1% of all babies were born in the home, 4.9% were transported to the hospital and only 1.3% were emergency transports. This book is based on the over 2000 births that have taken place on `The Farm’.

In the USA over 30% of all women give birth through surgical procedure called a Cesarean Section. Ina May’s book gives support to the fact that birth is not a medical procedure. Spiritual Midwifery speaks to the normalcy of birth and explains why no more than 5-10% of women need a Cesarean Section to deliver babies. Ina touches on topics such as tests given during pregnancy, natural birth, complications that may arise and how to manage them in and out of hospital setting and most importantly the book provides factual and time-proven information.

Spiritual Midwifery is on the bookshelf of most Midwives and homebirth Midwives. If you are looking to have your questions and concerns addressed and answered this is the book to read. If you wish to buy just one book, this is the one.


5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

Great book written by great people., October 30, 2006

Reviewer: K. Goesmann

This book was a gateway for me into homebirth. I knew nothing of it until I ran across this book. I admit this book is not for the mainstream. You can’t be narrow minded and accept this book. This book is an amazing collection of stories written for decades chronicalling the births of their community. A community of people who ARE extremely well educated. This book gives tons of information needed for homebirth besides the birth stories. The language is a little far out but come on, it was written in the late 70’s by hippies. What do you expect? They also happen to be very comfortable and familiar with their body parts and bodily functions those parts have. We are all grown ups, right?
PS I just gave birth there and it is just like they say in the book! Maybe even better…


21 of 23 people found the following review helpful:

A book for EVERYWOMAN!, July 14, 1999

Reviewer: Marion “” (Louisiana) – See all my reviews

I bought this book in 1975 and have read it many times since. To the Florida reviewer: Being “stoned” during labor is not about drugs, it’s about being divinely, serenely aware of the life force! This book is so much more than a book about having babies. It’s about living life moment by moment; it’s about loving your children; it’s about being here now. I wish every man and woman in America would have to read this book before they had a child. It’s life changing!


Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review:
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Very Soothing for a First-Time Pregnant Woman, April 5, 2007

Reviewer: Robin Glenski (Sheridan, Or) – See all my reviews

I am currently seven months pregnant and recently borrowed this book from my friend. I was starting to get a little freaked out about giving birth (this is my first baby), until I read this book.

I loved the simple and matter-of-fact way that Ina May describes things. And I LOVED the birth stories! Just by reading women’s experiences with birth, though some were difficult, I saw how rewarding giving birth could be and how not scary it really is.

I recommended this book to another one of my friends who is the unoffical “doula” of our group and she loved it. Last I heard, she had recommended it to at least five people.

I really advocate reading this book if you are pregnant or are going to be assisting someone in giving birth. Knowledge is power and this book has a lot of knowledge in it. I even would tell you to read the section just for midwives at the back.


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