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A common side effect for children who take Tamiflu is nightmares

Some 150,000 Tamiflu packs were distributed by the new National Pandemic Flu Service between Friday and Sunday alone  –  despite warnings from some experts that this could increase the resistance of the virus.

The new studies will increase concern over the potential side effects of Tamiflu  –  livermfailure is one of those listed on the box.

Some 150 suspected adverse reactions, including one unexplained death, have been reported .

… 59 of the victims are under 14.

It also emerged yesterday that Japan has advised its GPs not to give the drug to youngsters between 10 and 19 because of high rates of ‘ neuropsychiatric side effects’.

Apesar de tudo isto,

The Department of Health said last night: ‘The EU regulatory position remains that no causal association between Tamiflu (or Relenza) and an increase in neuropsychiatric events has been established.’

Roche, the Swiss company which makes Tamiflu, issued a similar statement.

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