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Reading your article brought back bad memories of my grandfather�s stay at the hospital. The doctor made a diagnosis: heart attack. We were all shocked! There were no symptoms, he�s never had any heart problems. He was an elderly, and yet strong and healthy man. He was put into a ward with 3 other men and told he had to stay there for a few more days. I know it sounds terrible, but I had to force myself to visit him. I simply hate hospitals. Whenever I get inside I become pale and feel nauseous. I cannot stand that repulsive smell of sickness, all these sounds of people suffering not only from different kinds of diseases but also loneliness and powerlessness. When I saw my grandpa that day, I didn�t notice that strong and healthy man that he appeared to be any more. I saw a woeful, life-tired man, surrounded by wires, tubes and machines, who couldn�t move without doctor�s permission. He had to share a room with other moaning men, who seemed to be much older and left by the relatives to their own fate.

Within one minute a person whom I�ve known all my life, suddenly became so distant. I was speechless. But what struck me the most, was the moment the doctor informed him that he had to stay in the hospital over Easter. My grandfather, a 75 � year old man cried like a baby! How desperate and miserable he had to be to weep in front of the whole family, not to mention the staff and other patients. He begged us to take him home, not because of Easter, no. Because he felt worse and worse behind these walls, instead of recovering. He said: �I�d rather die at home than stay in this place a minute longer�. We took him home the same day, although the doctor disapproved of our decision.

Now, when my grandpa has fully recovered and feels fine, I know that it was a very good decision. I also know that when it comes to hospitals, it is sometimes much better to listen to your heart, not the voice of reason.