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”An Account of Events in Nuclear Power Plants
Since the Chernobyl Accident in 1986” – April 2007 – Download:
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Brochure to know more about nuclear power
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You will meet all kinds of arguments in favor of nuclear energy. In this double-paged sheet of Questions and answers we explain why these arguments are invalid.
In order to fight the comeback of nuclear power, we have collected more than half a million signatures against nuclear power in Europe. The nuclear industry hopes for a nuclear come-back — despite its dangers, despite its astronomical costs. A disaster like the Chernobyl accident, now 20 years ago, can happen anytime anyplace, and since Chernobyl, there were 22 serious nuclear accidents around the world..

… globalised terrorism makes nuclear power stations and the uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear material a serious security hazard.

Despite this, and despite the fact that many EU Member States and the majority of their citizens are not in favour of nuclear energy, the so-called EURATOM Treaty officially obliges all EU countries to promote nuclear power. Clearly, this treaty must be abolished, it being an old relic that has
no role to play in a modern Europe.

Advanced Media Briefing to know more about the Euratom Treaty

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Ler: Safe energy for Europe

Brussels 5th June – In Brussels today and in over 20 cities across Europe, protests by environmental groups intensified pressure on BNP Paribas to withdraw its funding of the controversial Belene Buglarian nuclear power plant.

Ler: Europe-wide protests against bank’s funding for dangerous Belene nuclear plant

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