(Nota escrita em Outubro de 07: este postal era constituído por 10 videos da Conferência de Imprensa Pública em que Amstrong e a sua equipa eram supostos dar o alegre e orgulhoso relato da sua vitória sobre o espaço e passeio na Lua. Todos os videos foram retirados do You tube. Os videos eram impressionantes, e diziam muito. No entanto, sugiro ainda a leitura das legendas, para se ter uma ideia daquilo que se via!!).

A inacreditável conferência de impressa dos astronautas da Apollo 11:

Os 3 homens estão sofrendo, num conflito interior e psicológico visível. Parece serem obrigados contra sua vontade a estar ali, ou/e a balbuciar… ”coisas” (?)… que não são o que eles quereriam exprimir. Vê-se que foram obrigados a pisar no seu querer, a esmagar sua força de vontade. Disto podemos ter a certeza, estão aqui as provas, visíveis a todo o mundo. O que há ainda a saber é quais as verdades que eles foram obrigados a engolir. Essas, eles por de certo as sabiam de cor, e não precisavam que lhas fossem ditadas.

Os comentários a seguir a cada video são a transcrição integral das ”legendas” de ”greenmagoos”. No entanto, subscrevo-as; nada têem de exagerado. Apesar de não poderem ver os videos, lerão assim uma descrição bastante fiel do conteúdo!

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 1
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Abject misery because of three weeks spent in quarantine after returning from Moon? and complete disdain for the worldwide publicity that has been forced on them, or is there another reason for there woes? You decide!

An important historical record of the Apollo 11 mission and a interesting glimpse into the state of the three crew members minds!

It is also quite a unique piece of film and stands alone as an example of ‘HOW NOT TO CONDUCT YOURSELF WHEN GIVING A PRESS CONFERENCE’ ( only O.J. Simpsons bizzare performance post trial comes close but it lags way way behind at NO.2)

I believe politicians the world over when being trained in the art of *HOW TO BE LIBERAL WITH THE TRUTH* are shown this press conference as an example of how things can go horribly wrong!

This is the introduction to the waiting press corps who are clearly happy to be there celebrating mankinds greatest technological achievement!

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 2 03:38 Views: 3166

Its shocking and sad to see the Commander of Apollo 11 behaving like that!

Find Astronaut’s Phaking Footage at Google(filmed on the command module in transit to moon??? as the A11 crew ‘set up’ a live picture of the earth filmed for transmission back to terrestial t.v. station’s)and compare the behaviour of the three to the press conf. It’s quite disconserting to see them so relaxed and laughing and smiling when they should be a bit anxious about the various dangerous and untried challenges they were soon to tackle! It seems as if there has been a complete reversal of what you would be expecting to see if the nervous and strange behaviour as seen at the press conference is anything to go by!

Something is clearly not right with what we have been led to believe is a true factual account of the Apollo 11 mission!

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 3 04:54 Views: 1241

After Armstrong’s rather lacklustre opening he slowly warms his audience up before hitting them with that sucker punch and manages to get a laugh! (THINK HE INCLUDED A HOLIDAY PIC OF HIMSELF IN THAT SLIDE SHOW!)

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 4 08:39 Views: 2162

“the five year old kid in a candy store”- the store was obviously all out of candy then Neil!

Don’t make landing on the Moon sound ‘TOO’ exciting now,will you!

Look at him! Nervously pulling his hair! Collin’s appears to be biting his own hand at one point!
The same three men who managed to travel all that distance there and back,who succesfully manouvered a tricky docking ,undocking of the command module and the LEM,who managed the extremely dangerous landing of the LEM,took some *AMAZING* photos,and the first men in history to walk on unchartered Alien soil,and this is how they behave at a simple press conference!

What exactly is going through Neil’s mind? He certainly appears to be having some trouble with whatever messages are flashing across the Telly prompters!What’s wrong with the 3 of them? Are they having trouble seeing the photograph’s on the slide show? Has it been badly lit? Do they even recognise the images that NASA have choosen to use in this?

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 5 03:55 Views: 1601

This was the first leg of ‘THE GIANT STEP’ world tour,a publicity junket that the Apollo 11 crew and there wives were sent on to celebrate landing on the Moon!

In Buzz Aldrin’s book ‘Return to Earth’ this is what he had to say about the tour-
“I felt all six of us were fakes and fools for allowing ourselves to be convinced by some strange concept of duty to be sent through all these countries for the sake of propoganda nothing more ,nothing else.”
Interesting choice of word that to use ‘fake’, when describing meeting the various heads of state and the celebrities of 1969,70!

Armstrong decided(with Collins not far behind) that he didn’t fancy being part of the space programme any longer and decided to retire from public life ,turning down all interviews,and point blankly refusing to discuss ‘Walking on the Moon’

Given the antics on display during this press conference its hardly a suprise!

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 6 09:16

Collins after spending the entire time either looking bored out of his skull or nervously fidgetting and wishing the ground would open up and swallow the three of them while he looked on aghast at Armstrong’s performance actually gets the chance to tell some of his moon adventure!

And almost gives the game away!

“carry it of at this stage of the game” you certainly have lads,for nigh on 40 years now!

“although we far from home we were a lot closer to it than the pure distance might indicate”-you’ve no idea folks!

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 7 06:14

Nearly done boy’s just some question’s and you can get the f*** out of there!
The Three NASA Amigo’s actually seem to lighten up at this point but it only last for about 30 secs!

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 8 03:46

At least Armstrong acknowledges that it’s been a truely horrifiying sight at times especially considering what the press conference is celebrating!Do they sound as if they are reading from a prepared script or recounting actual experiences on the moon?

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 9 08:21

More Question’s! Collin’s gives a none too convincing sounding answer,looks somewhat embarassed, and then proceeds to spend the rest of the time nervously playing with his pen! Aldrin go’s into a lot of technical detail but still appears to bluffing it as if reading from NASA’s WHAT IT SHOULD BE LIKE ON THE MOON manual! Armstrong actually seems to be enjoying it now as he realises the other two are probably as bad or worse than him!

APOLLO 11 Most Miserable Press Conference in History Part 10

Now remember boy’s we had to remove all those stars out of the moon/nevada desert photo’s we took because any astronomer worth his salt would catch us out in a second so remember to button it if asked about stars! W’ell get away with the pictures cos we can say that camera exposure setting means you won’t see them!

Watch as Collins forgets his script and put his size 15 astronaut boots right in it and Armstrong realises what he’s just said! Collins wishes for the ground to open up and swallow him! Again!